Oct. 23rd, 2005 05:12 pm
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ummm... not really wraith related, but I just had to share.... ^_^ tee hee, the #07 issue of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis magazine has a short story in it that deals with Major Sheppard and the incident that got him into trouble (the one O'Neill mentions when Weir tells him she asked Sheppard to join her team) and how he met General O'Neill. It's a teaser for the new Atlantis novels that are coming out sometime later this year. It also contains some yummy pictures of Sheppard too....

P.S. #06 issue of Stargate Sg-1/Atlantis magazine had Rodney McKay's notes over the wraith in there and some very wonderful pictures of Bob ^_^
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There is a nice article on the Wraith in Starlog #332 March, on sale now! It deals more with the Wraith make-up and design than the actual aliens, because apparently there's a lot they can't tell us, but it's worth picking up.

It has some really nice photos. Sadly, none of them are of our Steve, but they've got some great shots of the red-haired Wraith Keeper and the Wraith from "The Defiant One."

You can find Starlog at any place that sells sci-fi magazines. I got mine at the comic book store. Cover price is $7.99 US/$11.99 CANADA. It has the cast of Lost on the cover.

I'll type up any important stuff out of the article and post it here tomorrow, for those who can't find (or can't be bothered to find) the magazine. I don't have a scanner or I would scan the pics, but at least I can share the info. I strongly recommend finding a copy, though. This issue is a must-have for Wraith fans!


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