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I wrote a email to www.stargatenovels.com last friday. Read it under the cut:
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Oke...I'm about to have a fracking stroke here people.


I went to the Barnes and Noble here in town today and tried to order the SGA novels Blood Ties and Halcyon. I have Blood Ties coming in a few days but Halcyon is no longer in print for some odd reason. I don't know why it isn't in print any longer.  ...If I had known...I would have ordered it sooner!

It's driving me crazy because I really wanted to read that book and I have never in my entire life been told I couldn't read something because it was no longer 'in print.' ...I even looked online and I only found three copies, all of which are used and the cheapest of the three is $160!


It isn't so much the book as it is that I can't read something. It could be any book I was halfway interested in that they told me was no longer accessible and it would drive me nuts. It just so happens that I'm REALLY interested in this one...and it's driving me BATTY that I can't find it!! Not even in download format.

Anyway...the point of this post is to ask for your help locating this book, whether that be online in a download, or in a store somewhere online(for a reasonable price. I can only afford so much). 

Please help...my sanity is at risk. *strained chuckle*


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