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Thought I'd share a crack pairing community with you. :D

[livejournal.com profile] michael_liz
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There is a myspace site for those who are Wraith in heart and mind. Read who do feel and are intended to think like Wraith.
Here is the link to it


Be well aware of what you choose for when you do decide to join. This is very much serious. If you are only fan of stargate Atlantis I advise you to stay out. You might find things then that will be not so pleasing...
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Hello, semi new member here (I was around when the community first started but deleted my old journal and forgot I never rejoined).
I've created an Atlantis RP community, if anyone would like to participate. Any original characters are welcome, and it's a first come first serve for characters from the series.


Come now, don't be shy.
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Just to let everybody know...


[livejournal.com profile] lol_gate

Take a look at the Profile page and JOIN US!!! :DDD

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Hey there everyone!

SGA_lantis is a roleplaying site dedicated to the world of Stargate Atlantis. So far there is only one original taken and the rest are needed. Made-Up characters are accepted as well. Any questions can be directed to me via email (crazyapplesxx@hotmail.com) or through a personal message.

New Hive!

Jan. 5th, 2008 01:52 am
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Wraith Hive at InsaneJournal

If you have an IJ, please join! :)
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Here are a new James Lafazanos Fan Page


Isn´t ready but I work on it...


Please visit the Forum / Board

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Just letting everyone know about a new Wraith community.

wraith_hive is the GreatestJournal version of [livejournal.com profile] wraithsteve. Same rules and everything.

Don't worry, this place isn't going anywhere. At least not until LJ/6A decide that Wraith fiction is obscene.

I'm [livejournal.com profile] cinnamonblood over there, too.
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-waves frenetically-
Maybe some of you remember me (doubt it...I haven't been on here in like...a year @_@) but I was writing a fanfic called 'Show No Fear'
Well...I've pretty much doubled it in size (and I wanted to thank everyone that was so nice on here and encouraging to me) and I wrote a bunch more Wraith-related fic!
So I decided to post links! (if you don't mind...I'm really lazy and don't want to copy/past a zillion things down!)

Show No Fear:

Requiem For A Dream:
(aye, it needs work @_@ but please bear with it)

Shadow Fallen:

So...yes...please, enjoy!
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I have put up a yahoogroup for all who are interested in sharing pics, fics, thoughts, arts and anything of such. Often there is not enough room to do so at the livejournal thing,
The address is http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/sathaelskindred/

Anyway you are being welcomed to this hive
I hope to see you all bugging around

Best wishes

Shawn the Wraith
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It's Open !!!!


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I've just set up a new Stargate fanart site on Yahoo Groups (mainly because there doesn't seem to be ANY Stargate fanart sites on Yahoo).

Feel free to post any Wraith art (adult or otherwise, but perferably adult) you may have, I've set up a folder especially for the Wraith

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I've recently created a community that will focus on Michael-centric fic, art and so forth...

Slash, gen, het... whatever is allowed so long as everything is Michael-centric

So... if interested please head on over and join [livejournal.com profile] michaelkenmore: Not Quite Human...

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cinnamonblood for allowing me to advertise this and agreeing to be an affiliate...
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Yeah, I made a group on deviantart for everyone who loves the Wraith! I was hoping that some of you might like to join? Or perhaps just submit stuff to me to stick up there, anything submitted I promise to link back to your website.
So far...its pretty empty >.<
the link is:
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Greetings from Berlin!
I'm a hudge fan of the wraith! Especially of Steve. I started to watch Stargate Atlantis a month ago on DVD.
I would like to make myself some nice posters of Steve, but I can't find a nice picture of him. Can anybody help me with my problem?

By the way, if anybody understands German, here is a wunderfull webpage I found: http://www.dark-village.de/scifi/
You can find all kinds of fan fiction stories and diskussions about the wraith on there. Some people even made the effort to invent a wraith language.
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After all the cool feedback I have recieved about my stories, I have set up a community just so I can archive them and that they can be read in order.  I thought it only right to do a little post about it here, given that this is the community that inspired me to write that stuff in the first place!  The community is [livejournal.com profile] tlanti_jflannig and while not all my stories are up there yet, I'm getting there! :)


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