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Hey everybody, as usual I've capped the Wraith scene from this week's episode (and there's a lot of caps).

You can also find a large(ish) picspam here at my journal.

This week there are two .zip files. The first is just the scenes of Sheppard and the Wraith, the second includes a few caps of the main cast; just some shots of Ronon, Teyla, Rodney (etc) that I liked.

SGA - 3x07 (563 caps, 50mb)
SGA - 3x07 - The Wraith & Sheppard (461 caps, 40mb)
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As with last week I've posted a massive Michael/Wraith picspam here. Spoilers (obviously).

Here are the unmodified caps, there's a lot of them this week,
SGA - 3x02 (391 caps, 35mb).

Now I've had some computer problems and my webhost has had issues with a power cut in LA so if anyone has any problems viewing the caps or downloading the .zip file (in particular), yell and I'll mirror it somewhere else.
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Hey everyone, my review of "No Man's Land" ended up being a massive Wraith/Michael-centric picspam (with rambling you can easily ignore), so if you want you can check it out here. This is (obviously) spoilery, so you'll want to avoid it if you're trying to stay spoiler free.

I've also uploaded the unmodified caps in a .zip file,
SGA - 3x01 (74 caps, 6mb). I hope someone else will find them useful.


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