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I don't know if anyone follows the [community profile] rounds_of_kink community, but I posted 53 prompts involving Todd.  I think I got most of the male characters in SG1 and SGA, except for Michael.

Posting starts May 1!
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I haven't written any lovely slashy wraithy fic for this community for ages now... so I have a requst.  Please could you give me some ideas/inspiration/pairings to be going on with, as I seem to have writers block and need to shift it!  And write some Wraithy ficiton, too..

Thank you! :)

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A wraith ship crashed landed on Earth several years ago.

One survivor is living on Earth. He sometimes has strange dreams of a another crash that never happened, where teh ship crashes on a desolate world and he his captured by machines and wires put into his body. He dismisses these dreams, but whilst on earth he has never fed, yet he never gets hungry. Then one day, he meets a strange group of humans who offer him the choice of taking a blue pill or a red pill.

Make a guess about what movie was one last night (no, you're wrong, but it was one of its sequels)
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I've just joined. The Wraith are my favourite part of SGA, but (and don't kill me for saying this) I've never seen Poisoning the Well because for some reason I missed SGA the week it was on. I'll have to download it or buy the SGA season 1 boxset.

As for the plot bunny I'd like to see a story titled "Wraith Vs Alien Vs Predator" where a group of wraith are caught up in the Yautja younglings blooding hunt.

The Yautja (AKA predators) use aliens (the drooling ones that have a tendency to erupt from peoples' chests) in the trial. They send alien eggs down to a planet which hatch into face-huggers which impregnate whatever hosts they can find (humans, animals, alien species, so its a given that they'd be able to use wraith as hosts).
The resulting alien then takes on some of the characteristics of its host. The ones in Alien and Aliens (with the exception of the queen) were from humans and were still bloody hard to kill. Alien3 was from a dog, it could run on all fours and was faster than the human ones.
So what would an alien from a wraith be like?

The Atlantis humans could be thrown in for good measure and any of them that you don't particularly like (Kavenaugh for example) could end up as alien hosts.

Any young yautja who manages to kill an alien without getting killed himself marks himself with his kill and becomes an adult of his clan.

Yautja have been known to team up with members of other species to defeat aliens, so a yautja/wraith slash pairing could be added.

BTW, the wraith drones with their dreads and masks sorta remind me of predators anyway
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Just had an idea for a fic if anyone wants to use it since I'm not good at writing Shep/Steve slash.
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