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Name:community for the fans of the Wraith from Stargate
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This community is for fans of Steve, Todd, and all the other Wraith of Stargate: Atlantis!

Feel free to post fan fiction, fan art, challenges, icons, screen caps, wallpapers, journal headers, poetry, essays... So long as it's Wraith-related it's welcome!

All kinds of fan fiction and fan art are allowed. That means slash, het, and gen of all ratings. Fic and art posted here should be properly labelled.

Your story should have something like this:

Warnings (optional):

Fan fic should be behind a cut. If possible, please have someone beta your story before you post it!

Wraith Steve Community Rules

1) No flaming! Constructive criticism is acceptable, flames are not. Know the difference.

2) Use the cut tag! Spoilers, large pictures, fan fiction, really long posts, and anything Not Safe For Work should be put behind a cut.

3) Don't post off-topic. Questions and discussion about the Wraith, the actors who play Wraith, or Stargate: Atlantis in general is fine, anything else doesn't belong here.

4) Don't flood the community with spam! If you have a Stargate-related community or website you'd like to tell us about, that's fine, just don't be annoying. One post should be sufficient.

5) Be nice. If you disagree with someone, be civil. If you post something hateful, it will be deleted. If you're a troll, you will be stunned with a Wraith weapon and have your life force sucked out.
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