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Title: Love a Form of Insanity
Pairing: Sheppard/Wraith Queen
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In season 2 Sheppard was captured by a Wraith Queen this Queen has a great plan in store for Sheppard what will become of him because of it? Pretty crappy summary I no but oh well :D
Warning: This fic has sex scenes, violence and swearing if you don't like this stuff well you were warned

John Sheppard considered himself to be a strong man, willed and passionate about the things that he loved, speed, Ferris wheels, football and women. And this particular woman was his equal in both strength and passion. Her skin was pale and glowing, a stark contrast to her preferred outfits of various blacks and purples. Her hair similarly was a pure white shining with an ethereal light when struck with the green lighting of the Hive ship. Her nails were blue and neatly trimmed into rounded tips. Her body was thin and trim, curvy and seductive. She clothed herself as a Queen, but with just a hint of seductress, covering herself fully while still hinting at what lay beneath. He found it impossibly frustrating yet it lured him in for more. She was his Achilles heel, his one weakness aside from his fatal flaw, the very thing, he feared that would cost him his friends, family and his very life. But she would do it in such a way that would leave him only begging for more. He didn't love her and she didn't love him but that was the only word that he could use that even came close to describing what they had. She was irresistible and oh so dangerous, it only made him 'love' her more.

Time had seemed to be immaterial as the days began to blend together, the lack of sun and the daily interrogations. Although she was sharing his bed she still had questions unanswered and a Hive to run. He supposed that it was only natural that she would want to know all that she could and he guessed that it was the main reason behind her wanting to be with him, still it did not change his feelings for her or the joy he got out of her company. He knew that it wasn't natural to have this kind of affection for a wraith let alone one who had caused so much grief to the mission. It was supposed to be a simple bombing mission, get in and get out, but the plan went awry as soon as he exited the dart. Once captured she had wanted to see him. At their first meeting he had become lost in her eyes and had started down on the dark road that lead to his current predicament. He had lost track of how many months he had been on her Hive, how long it had taken him to fall for her or how long she had been pregnant.

Judging by the size of her it hadn't been long, she didn't like talking about it, he didn't know why but he suspected that she resented him for doing it to her, but if the hidden looks and gestures towards that tiny life were any indication, he knew that she already loved their child with her whole being, just as he did. Just like he also knew that he could never go back now that there was a child involved, he could not abandon her and more importantly the child. The others on Atlantis would never understand, they would only be horrified by the bare facts of the matter. That he John Sheppard had relations with a wraith and said wraith was now pregnant, they would see it as a betrayal their trust and love. Elizabeth would be disgusted, Teyla would be horrified, Ronon would be furious, Rodney would be confused and Carson, would be disappointed. It was because of these reactions that John could never go back, never trust them with his secret and would have to get used to life aboard the Hive.

This takes places a few months after the first chapter
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