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Title: Love a Form of Insanity
Pairing: Sheppard/Wraith Queen
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In season 2 Sheppard was captured by a Wraith Queen this Queen has a great plan in store for Sheppard what will become of him because of it? Pretty crappy summary I no but oh well :D
Warning: This fic has sex scenes, violence and swearing if you don't like this stuff well you were warned


"No!" Sheppard screamed as he moved to tackle the commander.

Sheppard successfully managed to get the commander away from the Queen and pushed him to the floor, next to her. Sheppard punched and kicked the commander as he defended the Queen against her mate, they traded blow after blow when suddenly Bella stood up and with an earth shattering roar ripped the commander's head clean off his shoulders. Dark red blood spurted from his lifeless torso and splattered all over Sheppard and Bella. Bella knelt down in the gore that was quickly spreading over the floor and took Sheppard's face between her hands and gave him a soul searing kiss.

"Thank you." She breathed as they parted for air and lifted the human to his feet. Turning to the overseer of the cells she ordered him to.

"Get this thing removed from my sight immediately."

"Yes my Queen." said the overseer as he hissed at two drones to lift up the corpse of the commander and carry it out of the room.

Bella watched the drones and the overseer leave the room before slamming her body against Sheppard's and kissing him roughly. Sheppard's eyes bulged as she pressed closer to him and her hands immediately went to his belt. He tore his lips away before she could distract him any further.

"What are you doing?" Sheppard gasped as he placed his hands on Bella's hips and weakly attempted to push her away.

"Lie with me." she whispered into his ear seductively and then nibbled on his lobe.

Sheppard closed his eyes as waves of sensation crashed through his body, finally he surrendered to the desire that was building between them and attempted to pull her to the door. She stopped him and pulled him back towards her, kissing him on the mouth once again.

"What here? In your mate's blood?" Sheppard asks slightly repulsed by what was so clearly turning her on.

"Oh yes please," she whimpered into his ear as she pressed herself to him tightly and ran a finger down his cheek and through the blood that had gathered there, raising her finger to her mouth she sucked on it sensually. Sheppard knew that he should have been disgusted by what she was doing but the way that she was looking at him, was driving all thoughts from his mind and leaving behind only primitive lust and desire. "it would be so wonderful to finally have domination over him, to truly be free of him. Won't you do this for me?" She pouted at him and ran hands over his shoulders and chest softly alighting his nerves with sensation. He moaned softly and ran his hands over her shoulders and through to her hair. He tangled his fingers in it and pulled her head back to nibble gently on her neck. She sighed happily and started removing Sheppard's clothing.

Sheppard gently lowered her and himself to the floor sticky with the commander's blood. He quickly tore off Bella's clothes and placed her naked body in the blood. His lifted his hands to look at them and noticed the gore already covering them. He ran his hands over her face, down her neck and over her chest, marvelling at the trails of blood he was leaving behind. He leaned over to place soft kisses on her body making her arch and quiver deliciously. She sighed happily and ran her hands over Sheppard's body marvelling at the softness of his skin. Sheppard trailed his hands over her toned stomach and down to her spread legs, running his fingers over the insides of her thighs and up to her wet centre. His fingers found her clit and lightly stroked her, she moaned ecstatically and grabbed at the floor beneath her, staining the purity of her skin a bright ruby red. She groped for Sheppard's shoulders and pulled him down so that he was lying on top of her. He grabbed her forearms and kissed her deeply, sliding his tongue into her mouth and pining her hands to the bloody floor. Sheppard positioned himself above her and pushed his way inside of her. She moaned happily and clutched at his body, her fingers running over the marks that were left from their last mating. Sheppard growled in response to her closeness, her smell enveloping his nostrils and her body quivering against his. Sheppard groaned and closed his eyes as he concentrated on the feel of Bella's body moving against his. Sheppard ran his fingers through her hair as he felt the beginnings of her orgasm. She arched her spine and surrendered to the shattering pleasure being offered by her newest lover. Sheppard let go of his carefully controlled release inside of her as he came and slumped over to the side of her his body making a squishy sound as he landed in the blood. Bella moved over to drape her upper body against his.

"Thank you." she sighed as she cuddled up to him a sweet smile on her face.

"So that really did it for you huh?" Sheppard asked with a cock of an eyebrow.

 "Does that bother you?" Bella asked as she ran her fingers up and down his chest.

"Well," Sheppard responded flippantly "it was unusual."

Bella smiled slightly before standing up and beginning to search for the clothes that Sheppard had flung about the jail cell. Sheppard stood up also and pulled on his clothes before walking over to Bella and kissing her soundly on the lips, she moaned into his mouth and closed the distance between them, wrapping her arms around his neck and deepening the kiss. Sheppard gently pulled back and held her in his arms. It terrified him how at home he was feeling with this Queen, even more so than Nancy, it terrified him and thrilled him at the same time.

Sheppard took Bella's arm and escorted her to the throne room, where she could run her Hive. Bella ascended to the throne and sat down, Sheppard standing beside her.

"Feel free to roam about the ship if it pleases you."

"Thanks." Sheppard responded casually. "but I'm good here."

He couldn't explain it but he felt safe with Bella, she was kind, gentle and an amazing lover, he could feel that he was losing himself in her body and mind, that the more time he spent on this Hive, the faster it was going to happen.

After a few minutes of just talking, a commander walked into the throne room carrying a data pad, he paused in front of the throne and bowed low at the waist, before carrying the pad, handing it to Bella and leaving the same way he came. Shockingly Bella started to hum to herself as she read the data pad, Sheppard was stunned by the humming and looked at Bella as if she had grown two heads. Suddenly the humming stopped as Bella looked directly at him and cocked an eye ridge.

"Is something the matter?" Bella asked him curiously as she stopped reading from the pad.

"No no no," Sheppard said quickly "I just wasn't expecting the humming."

Bella laughed at this and sighed "You are a funny little human John Sheppard."

"Uh, thanks I guess." Sheppard responded.

He waited for Bella to finish reading the report and issuing the orders to the other Wraith on board before they headed out to another room onboard the Hive.

"This is my conservatory, John." Bella said happily as she walked into the room. Sheppard could see that the room was covered with potted plants, hanging plants and vines that crept up the walls and stretched over the ceiling that he was willing to bet came from dozens of worlds. The botany department on Atlantis would go nuts in here.

"Nice plants." Sheppard remarked as they walked into the room.

"Yes, they are, they're my children." Bella smiled at him.

Sheppard didn't know what to say as was the same with every time she told him something personal. He didn't know what to make of it, she was slowly getting under his skin and working her way to his heart. He was scared and alone and her soft skin and sibilant whispers were starting to get to him.

"Cool, cool," Sheppard responded and immediately felt like an idiot, "Cool? what the hell was that John!"  "Ah, that is I mean-"

"Shhh," Bella crooned "it's all right, it's the thought that counts." she smiled at him before walking over to one plant with purple and blue leaves and being pruning it, by pulling off the dead leaves and watering it, as she did so she started singing in a language that was foreign to him. He assumed that it was the Wraith's native language.

"What are you singing?" Sheppard asked curiosity in his voice.

"A lullaby," Bella said softly "we sing it to our children to keep them safe and to ward off evil spirits."

"We have something similar back on Earth in the Qur'an- "

"What's a Qur'an?" Bella asked confusion evident in her expression.

"It's a book from my home world that is part of a religion."

It was then that Sheppard realised what he just said "Cripes John, you can't just say stuff like that. She's a Wraith!"

"But she's a hot Wraith. That and I trust her."

"You trust her? Are you insane!"

"Hey man she's been nothing but sweet as apple pie since I arrived here."


"What do you mean so? That totally counts."

"No it doesn't, she wants something, something she's not telling us."

"What do you mean?"

"She's a Wraith, they're sneaky and manipulative and never on our side. You should watch your back."

Bella just smiled, seemingly unaware of Sheppard's internal conflict and continued to water her plants, humming as she did so.

Like everything that happened on board this ship it all seemed to be freaky and odd. This was one unusual Hive, but then again he didn't know much about the Wraith to begin with, so who was he to judge.

Sighing Sheppard picked up some sort of freaky alien watering can and assisted Bella with watering her plants.

Little did Sheppard know the Daedalus was fast approaching the planet that the Hives were about to cull. Ronon, Teyla and Rodney were on board the ship and determined to rescue their friend and comrade.

"We drop out of hyperspace directly behind the planet -- use it to shield us from the hive ship and we can attempt radio contact with Colonel Sheppard." Colonel Caldwell explained to the gathered people on board his ship.

"But we won't be able to make radio contact from behind the planet." Rodney said in confusion.

"Which is why you and Major Lorne will take a cloaked Puddle Jumper to get close enough to determine if Colonel Sheppard is still aboard the ship. If he is, we'll move into position around the planet and beam him out."

"And if he's not there?" Lorne asked

"We'll beam a nuke aboard the ship and destroy it."

"What if they jam us like they did before?" Rodney asked the Colonel.

"Doctor, you worry about getting Colonel Sheppard out of that ship. Let me worry about destroying it, OK?"

Meanwhile on board the Hive ship Sheppard and Bella were finishing up on a particularly large plant when suddenly Bella got this faraway look in her golden eyes, similar to when her sister Queen had arrived with her Hive ship. Sheppard looked up at her and paused in his watering of the plant.

"What's wrong?" Sheppard asked curiously.

"Your friends," Bella said upset as she turned to meet his gaze "have come for you."

Sheppard didn't know what to feel, elation or sadness that he and Bella would be parted, but apparently that choice would be taken from him.

"I won't give you up," Bella said zealously "not now not ever."

Sheppard smiled at her conviction and moved to kiss her gently on the lips, when the ship was rocked with an explosion. Bella gasped and grabbed her stomach tightly, at this Sheppard ran over to her and held her up granting her his strength.

"What's wrong?" Sheppard asked concerned.

"Some of the crew...they're dead. Your mongrel friends have killed them."

"I'm so sorry Bella." Sheppard said earnestly as he held her.

"They will be I'll make sure of it." Bella said angrily as she gently detangled herself from Sheppard, straitening she made her way to the bridge of the ship, Sheppard closely following her.

"Status." Bella asked as she walked into the bridge.

"My Queen we have sustained superficial damage at best but the hyper drive is currently offline and we have one ship bearing down on us."

"Return fire." Bella ordered immediately and then activated the alarm.

"Bella, you can't do this, they're my friends!" Sheppard exclaimed in shock and strode over to her, but the way was barred by two drones determined to protect their Queen.

"I don't intend to kill them John, we are going to return fire until our hyper drive engine is fixed. Fear not your friends will be fine." Bella said as she smiled at him sweetly.

"Oh, well then that's different I suppose," Sheppard said casually "never mind then."

Bella giggled inwardly as she looked at the human that was slowly, and without her knowledge, stealing her heart.

"Yes, now if it's alright by you, we are going to continue with this battle and win one for the Wraith for a change." Bella said with a smile.

"Carry on then." Sheppard said as he returned the smile.

With that Bella returned her attention to the battle playing out before them.

The Daedalus was bearing down on the two Hive ships trying valiantly to overcome the fiercest enemy in the galaxy, but as it so happened their shields were beginning to fail and defeat seemed innevitable.

"My Queen, I have detected that the enemy is attempting to gain a weapons lock inside the ship."

"Engage countermeasures." Bella ordered stonily as she gazed at the screen that was showing the battle. Suddenly Bella was struck by an idea "contact the other Hive."

Immediately the screen changed to display the other Queen she had beautiful blood red hair and a fair complexion. She was dressed in a blue gown that sparkled when the light hit it. Sheppard could feel his breath catch in his throat at the sight of his deadly predator and was stunned to realise that it wasn't horror or fear in which he gazed upon her but it was a basic primal look of lust so different from the way he looked at Bella. Bella smiled as she read the thoughts from his mind and turned to address the other Queen.

"I have an idea, once the shields fail cease firing and I will disable their ship."

The Queen on the screen looked confused as she cocked an eye ridge. "Disable the ship? Why would we do that when we could deal the Lanteans a crippling blow by destroying their only ship!" The other Queen seemed distressed at the prospect of not destroying the other ship.

"Just trust me on this." Bella said as she looked imploringly at the other Queen and unbeknownst to Sheppard gave her a conspiratorial wink. At this gesture the Queen visible relaxed and smiled at Bella.

"Very well." She said and then terminated the connection.

"Well that went well." Sheppard drawled as he came up to stand beside Bella placing an arm around her waist as he did so. Bella smiled and leaned into the contact, placing a soft kiss on Sheppard's face as she did so. They were interrupted from their canoodling by a different commander informing them that.

"Their shields are down, my Queen, shall we disable them?"

"Yes, and once done please continue with the culling."

"Yes my Queen." all the commanders in the room said at once.

"Creepy." thought Sheppard as he buried his nose in Bella's hair, inhaling the sweet fragrance that could only be her.

Time seemed to slow for Sheppard as he was distracted from the intoxicating beauty before him by the Hive firing a single shot towards the Daedalus which took out their hyperdrive engines. Bella smiled victoriously as she moved to take Sheppard by the hand and walk out of the room.

”You have done well inform me when the Hive is ready to jump into hyperspace once again." Bella ordered her second.

"Yes my Queen." he intoned as he replied via the link to his beloved Queen.

"Come my love we have some spare time and I know just how we can spend it." Bella smiled seductively as she led Sheppard to her private chambers.

"All right!" Sheppard thought mentally as he allowed himself to be dragged towards the door separating him and his love from mind shattering pleasure.

Sheppard taking the initiative scooped Bella up into his arms eliciting a musical laugh from her throat  as she hung onto his neck. Running down the hallways Sheppard came to a sudden stop outside the magnificently foreboding door that signified the sleeping chambers of the Queen. Bella gracefully landed on her feet as Sheppard carefully let her down. Kissing down the length of her body as he did so. Bella made a purring noise deep in her throat as she looked down at her human lover and without even a glance at the control panel ordered the door to open. The Hive happily complied making a thrumming noise deep within Bella's mind. It never ceased to amaze her the connection she shared with her ship, no wonder Hive's without Queens were such a rarity. Once the door was open Sheppard pulled Bella flush against his body and captured her mouth in a bruising kiss. Once the kiss was finished Bella nibbled playfully on Sheppard's full lower lip Sheppard in response scooped Bella up into his arms once again and walked over to the bed and placed her gently, reverently upon it and kissed her softly.

Breaking the kiss Bella looked deep into his eyes before leaning forward and whispering into his ear.

"I have a surprise for you."

"Oh really." Sheppard responded sexily as he looked down at the object of his affections.

"Mhmm." Bella nodded in reply as she got up off the bed and walked over to her door which whooshed open to reveal a female worshipper, she was small and had dark curly hair and fair skin. She was dressed in a blue outfit with black wraith writing splattered on the top.

"Thank you Neera." Bella said as she retrieved a wrapped package from the worshipper who bowed and left, heading off to do secret worshipper business Sheppard reasoned. Bella turned and walked over to her wardrobe the package in hand and retrieved a purple dressing gown. Bella then smiled sweetly at Sheppard before saying.

"I'll be right back, make yourself at home." and with that she disappeared into the bathroom connected to the side of her chambers.

At her insistence Sheppard laid back on the bed and closed his eyes, relaxing into the silken sheets and pillow. After a few minutes Bella re-emerged from the bathroom now dressed in the robe. She smiled at seeing her human lover reclining on the bed. She then walked over to him and cleared her throat softly. At this Sheppard immediately sat up and looked over at Bella who had her hands one her hips and smiling at him softly.

"What's all this?" Sheppard asked returning the smile.

"Just something I had in mind for tonight." Bella said nonchalantly as she grinned at him before untying the robe and letting it drop making it pool around her ankles. Sheppard felt his jaw hit the floor as he looked upon Bella's body. She was wearing a naughty black silk negligee and was holding in her hands what looked like silk ropes.

"What are those for?" Sheppard asked curiously as he looked upon her form hungrily.

"Shhh." Bella said as she placed a finger to his lips and straddled him moving to tie his hands above his head to the headboard. Growling slightly Sheppard arched his back pushing his now evident erection into her hips. Bella sighed quietly and moved off Sheppard before tearing his clothes from his body leaving him naked under her gaze. Bella smirked as he struggled against the bonds clearly desperate to get to her. Bella just smiled at him seductively and stayed standing for a few minutes.

Sagging slightly Sheppard asked her "Do you plan on standing there forever or are you actually gonna bring that fine behind over here and by the way how much feeling am I supposed to loose in my extremities.

"Just enough so that it still hurts." Bella said and slowly slid out the black negligee teasing Sheppard as she stripped once done she moved over and crawling like a cat climbed on top of Sheppard running her nails down his chest just shy of drawing blood. Sheppard groaned and arched into the brutal touch.

"If you keep this up I'm not going to have much skin left." Sheppard said cockily as he gazed at Bella.

"Hmmm." Bella purred happily as she lowered herself down and placed feather light kisses on Sheppard's chest trailing them down till she reached his straining erection. Smiling slightly she made eye contact with Sheppard before breathing lightly on his penis making it twitch with need. The smile turned into a full blown grin as she lowered her head down completely and placed a kiss on the tip. This made Sheppard groan happily and he fought to keep his hips from bucking. She softly ran her hands up and down the insides of his thighs before moving her head back over him and taking him into her mouth. Sheppard's eyes grew large and he started to pant as Bella skilfully started to give him head.

Sheppard knew that he wasn't going to last long if she kept this up, she knew exactly what she was doing and it was driving him wild with desire. Never before had a woman pleasured him so thoroughly before and he was loving it. Sheppard started to pant and moan as Bella worked him up.

"Bella, I'm so close." He whispered though he was sure she could hear him.

"Then come for me John." she whispered right back as she returned her attention to his throbbing member.

After a few more minutes Sheppard felt his vision narrow down and his hips began to buck uncontrollably with a great roar Sheppard released himself inside of Bella's mouth but instead of daintily spitting his seed out of her mouth like he expected that she would Sheppard was amazed to feel Bella drinking him down.

"That is so hot!” Sheppard thought as he finished and he settled back down onto the bed.

Nancy almost never gave him head and she certainly never swallowed him either, he figured that a Queen wouldn't either but boy was he wrong.

"That was amazing Bells." Sheppard said happily as he came down from his high.

"I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself love." Bella said as she moved to cuddle up beside him resting her head on his chest and closing her eyes.

"Whow, wait what about you?" Sheppard asked as he looked at Bella resting beside him.

"Don't tell me that you are ready for more?" Bella asked sceptically as she cocked an eye ridge at him.

"Born ready ma'am. Now if you'll just untie me so I can properly please her majesty." Sheppard asked with a hopeful grin.

Sighing softly Bella sat on top of Sheppard's chest and untied him as soon as his arms were free Sheppard briefly flexed them before grabbing Bella's wrists and flipped her over onto her back, letting go of her wrists Sheppard lifted her legs up and onto his shoulders. He looked deep into her eyes and thrust within her body, her back arched and her let out a long low moan. Sheppard allowed his eyes to flutter close as he rocked his hips gently into Bella. Bella moaned louder and whispered to Sheppard.


Sheppard happily complied and spread her legs further apart so that they were barely touching his shoulders and forcefully rammed his way inside of her, groaning as he bit deep into the flesh of her shoulder, making her hook her legs over onto his back. Damn she was flexible. Sheppard rhythmically thrust deep within Bella pushing her closer and closer to her climax. Groaning Bella grabbed the back of Sheppard's head and pulled him down to meet her lips in a searing kiss. Once their lips met Bella's golden eyes snapped open and she screamed her pleasure for the whole Hive to hear Sheppard grinned at her and soon followed after her.

Sheppard collapsed onto his back next to Bella and let out a small yawn. Bella's eyes fluttered softly as she cuddled up beside Sheppard and they both pulled the sheets and furs up to cover their sweaty and naked bodies. Bella rested her head on Sheppard's chest and placed her feeding, left, hand on his chest just above his heart. Sheppard however did not freak out but smiled down at the sleepy Queen before him and resolved then and there to never leave her. But unbeknownst to the two lovers a big change was coming to the galaxy and what had started it took place in that very room only moments ago.


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