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The Queer Queen

by Wraith Fan 

Title: The Queer Queen
Author: Wraith_Fan
Disclaimer: Just wrote this as a fan, non of this is mine except the characters I made up, the rest all belongs to SciFi and makers of Stargate: Atlantis
Warnings: Wraith feedings, kissing, also mention of lovemaking but nothing explicit.
Rating: M, just to be safe
Sheppard is captured by Wraith and meets their Queen,she's not your average Wraith Queen and John's beginning to have feelings for her,and so is she.Will they give in to their feelings?In the mean time the battle with the Replicators goes on. A story of impossible love, Wraith society and the war against the Replicators and other enemies (including Michael).
Character/pairing(s): John Sheppard/Wraith Queen Amarah 


Chapter 2: Like Chocolate



There was no sound to be heard in the dark damp cell… except for the snoring that is. And then there were those footsteps, heading towards the cell door. The door opened with a hissing sound.


“Get up, human! The Queen wishes to see you!” No reaction from the sleeping form of the ‘human’.


“I said.. GET UP YOU LAZY SNOREHUMAN!!!!” A loud yawn followed as McKay finally awoke, or at least.. awoke a bit.


He looked at his surroundings with eyes that didn’t see everything yet and a brain that wasn’t yet to its full awareness. A dark cell… two hostile Wraith looking at him… he was still dreaming, this was some nightmare.


Maybe if he just went to bed again, he would awake in his room in Atlantis. Just as he was going to go to sleep again they started kicking him! The pain he felt as they kicked him so hard that they actually broke his ankle made him realise that this wasn’t a dream.


McKay screamed and tried to crawl away from the kicking Wraith feet. “Okay,okay,so it’s not some nightmare….”, he managed to say with a grimace of pain. “But off course it is, this is your worst nightmare, human” The other Wraith laughed at this.


Rodney didn’t feel like laughing for some reason. They roughly pushed him through the halls and led him to the throne room.


“Can’t you guys be a bit more careful? I mean, you already broke one ankle, if you break the other as well I won’t be able to walk at all and you might have to push me all the way!”


“It sounds like a good idea, if you cannot walk, then you cannot escape…”, the Wraith General said menacing.


“All right, all right, I’ll shut up!!”


They pushed him into the throne room and closed the door behind him. He fell inside and slided all the way over the floor until he stopped with his head right under some kind of flowerswing.


Flowers…. He was allergic to flowers. He started sneezing like mad when he breathed in the scent of the flowers above his head.


“ I guess that means that you don’t like flowers, little human…. Even if they don’t eat you”, a melodic voice rang somewhere above his head.





After he finished eating the disgusting contents of the bowl in his cell, he wondered what had been the use of his earlier torture/flirt session.


She didn’t buy James Bond, she didn’t believe Luke Skywalker and even Jack O’Neill didn’t work. Next time maybe he could try Michael Jackson, or Elizabeth Weir, just to see if she knew the differences between male and female names.


He didn’t understand. She could know if it was a lie what he told her.. then couldn’t she know through the same way what his name was? Or did she just enjoy playing this ‘game’ of hers even if he told her nothing but lies?


It just didn’t make any sense, no matter which way he looked at the situation. Those Darts where there because somehow, she knew that they would be at the village around that time. The Darts had only been following Sheppard and his Team, not the other villagers and they had also left from the moment they couldn’t find any more members of his Team.


If she knew when they were going to be there.. then she also had to know who they were, else there would be no point in catching them, would there?


Or perhaps she knew that they came from Atlantis and she just didn’t know who exactly she was dealing with? That didn’t make any more sense since she could have asked for the location of Atlantis or Earth immediately, why bothering to know their names?


Or did she plan on trading them, in exchange for the gate address to Earth?


And then there was the question.. how the hell did she know that there was going to be a team of Lanteans in that village at that time? He was wondering if he was allowed to ask questions too in this game…






“A…are you planning on ehm… eating me then?”, Rodney asked. His voice trembled with fear.


“Maybe… but I wouldn’t eat it all, then I would miss all the fun. You little humans are like chocolate… one should take his time to taste and enjoy you and not just devour everything so quickly”, she sang.


“Now I’m really… soothed”, he could hardly speak.


“So…. Poor innocent thing… what’s your name?” She looked at him from high above on her swing.


“I…Rodney… doctor Rodney McKay”, he managed to say.


She decided not to mention the kneel-thing, considering the fact that he lay stretched out on the floor.

However he was crawling backwards, staring at her like some cornered animal would stare at a hungry predator.


She chuckled. He released a scream of fright when she did so.


She stared at him and then starting laughing like there was no tomorrow. Her laughs were high and sharp. It sounded as if not one but at least five girls were laughing, not counting the echoes in the highceiled room. The noise sounded as if it was supernatural… which it maybe was.


“All right then… doctor Meredith Rodney McKay but I prefer to be called Rodney, you ehm.. probably understand why…”, he said, anything to make her stop laughing… the laughing still rang in his ears long after she stopped.


She looked at him, a bit surprised.


“Why is that then?”, she asked, looking sweetly at him.


“Well, Meredith.. that’s just ridiculous… don’t you agree?”, he said silently, as if afraid that someone standing just outside the door might hear his words.


“I must say that I find James Bond and Luke Skywalker even more ridiculous…”


A Wraith Queen who watched James Bond and Star Wars? How scientists sometimes can be such idiots…


“James Bond? Luke Skywalker? You watch 007 and Star Wars?You’ve got a TV or something?”


“What is a TV?”, she asked innocently.


“Well, it’s some kind of screen and you can ehm watch things on it.. real things but also things that are made up, like Star Wars and James Bond and so on… or did you read books?”

She started laughing… again.






“You know, I can walk all by myself, my mummy taught me well. I think I can actually find my way around here already, feels just like home. And then there’s this lovely smell always hanging in the air… do you use Airwick Crystal Air?”


They closed the door behind him with a bang.


“That’s very polite, you’re definitely NOT ill-mannered!”


“But you are… you lie to me, sweetheart”, a familiar melodic voice sounded behind him. He turned around and looked at her.


“Well, I thought you would have already changed your outfit by now…”, John said.


“I’ve been busy… I’ve had a little chat with your friend, Meredith.”


“And what did he have to say?”, John asked, sounding curious.


“Well, we talked about rather irrelevant stuff… like Star Wars and Atlantis’ invisibility cloak and hyperdrive engines…”


He couldn’t believe this!!! What was Rodney thinking, telling the enemy what she wanted to know! Why didn’t he just write the gate address from Earth on his head!


“Why don’t you ever tell me such interesting tales, John, my love?”, she sounded excessively hurt.


“I guess I didn’t feel li… hold on a minute, how the hell do you know my name!!!”


She laughed. That laugh.. that laugh, it made him bloody insane!!!


“Your friend didn’t tell me, if that’s what you think, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard United States Air Force”.


Okay, this was becoming creepy… too creepy for his liking.


“Then I would love to know.. who did tell you?” The question had been bothering him all along… “And if you already know who we are, then why bother to ask?” “You ask many questions, little human”, she remarked.


“So do you”, he defended himself.


“Do you expect me to answer your questions truly if you answer mine with nothing but lies?”

She stood up from her flower throne and made her way towards him, high heels ticking as she walked.


“You don’t risk your Hive if you answer my question…. I risk my entire planet if I am to answer…”


She interrupted him. “But I have not asked you about your planet, have I? I thought that the interior might already have convinced you of the fact that I’m not your regular Wraith Queen. I know very well that you will do whatever lays in your power not to reveal the gate address of Earth to any potential threat, even if it costs you your own life and that of your friend. So asking where Earth is would be useless”, she explained.


“And asking names which you already know isn’t useless?”, he looked in her eyes.


She laughed, not long, just a short laugh. “I thought that asking someone’s name is the least you can ask, obviously… you do not share that opinion and you’re not willing to tell me anything”


“Maybe you can just like let me and Rodney go considering that we’re not gonna tell you anything that matters to you…”


She gave him a look as if she was thinking about it.


“No.. I don’t think so. You guys are wayyyy to nice compagnie”, she giggled.


Why did she giggle? There was absolutely nothing to giggle about! This was serious, for all of them. Or wasn’t it?


“Listen, I don’t like mind games, no matter how good you might be at it, and I know that Rodney is more eager to talk then I am, but non of us is going to tell you anything you really want to know. So I suggest you either set us free or you kill us.”, he hoped she wasn’t planning on killing them, but if it could avoid being tortured…


He knew that in time, certainly Rodney, might tell things the Wraith really shouldn’t know. So if he could just convince her of the fact that they were bout useless, they would not be here or alive to reveal anything that should be kept secret. 


“I don’t want to be mean and cruel towards you, I don’t like bothering people and sticking my nose in other people’s business…


But this is a matter of the life or dead… and not just my own life, the life of my entire species.

And maybe the lives of every living soul on your planet. And the thing is… this is all your fault, the fault of the Lanteans.


And that means you’re going to fix it, and guess what?


You just happened to have the ideal means of fixing this situation.”, she said, her voice sounding a bit less overly sweet but still melodic.


“How does saving the lives of my people fit in that picture? And you mean the fact that you don’t have enough food and have to start looking for alternative planets and even start fighting each other, that fact is our fault?


Because we awoke you? How were we supposed to know that killing a Keeper in order to save or vengeance the life of one of our people, would get us in this kind of mess?”,he spat.

“You could have listened before you started shooting!!!! If you had a gun yesterday, you would have shut me too, not caring at all!!!


And then you call us merciless!!!!I knew you were a murderer, John Sheppard, but I didn’t know you were heartless!


And as for saving your own people… almost every queen’s way of fixing the problem is finding out where Earth is and attacking it, which is only a temporary solution but they will find out someday!


And don’t you even start about telling me that we should all just take your stupid retrovirus, maybe you should think what you would think about it if we said that you were to turn into a Wraith!

You made this mess, and you’re going to fix it, that means we don’t have to adjust, you will have to be the ones to adjust!....


Get this human out of my sight before I make the mistake of killing him!!!!”


As if on telepathic demand, two guards came in and dragged him back to his cell.




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