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The Queer Queen

by Wraith Fan 

Title: The Queer Queen
Author: Wraith_Fan
Disclaimer: Just wrote this as a fan, non of this is mine except the characters I made up, the rest all belongs to SciFi and makers of Stargate: Atlantis
Warnings: Wraith feedings, kissing, also mention of lovemaking but nothing explicit.
Rating: M, just to be safe
Sheppard is captured by Wraith and meets their Queen,she's not your average Wraith Queen and John's beginning to have feelings for her,and so is she.Will they give in to their feelings?In the mean time the battle with the Replicators goes on. A story of impossible love, Wraith society and the war against the Replicators and other enemies (including Michael).
Character/pairing(s): John Sheppard/Wraith Queen Amarah 


Chapter 1: Meeting the Queen



Pain. Darkness. Cold. Thirst.


These were the first things John Sheppard experienced when he awoke. He definitely wasn’t in his room in Atlantis. He was in a cold, dark place. The stench of decay reached his nostrils. His entire body hurt like hell. He tried to remember how he got in such a horrible place.


Then the memories came back in a wave and he remembered how he and his team were on a trade mission. The villagers had been friends of the Athosians and Teyla had hoped that they could establish an alliance between those people and Atlantis. Unfortunately, not very long after their arrival the village was under attack by Darts…



24 hours earlier in the village …



“We have to get back to the jumper!”, he screamed when the whining sounds of the Darts came closer. McKay was already on his way to the jumper, Ronon and Teyla followed closely. John didn’t even take the time to close the door and was racing towards the stargate.

“They’re following us!! Faster!!”, McKay panicked.


“Relax, ‘Meredith’. This jumper is faster then those Darts will ever be”, John responded. Although he wasn’t so sure of that anymore when they where surrounded by Darts. He saw the stargate straight ahead, only another four meters… Then the most unexpected thing happened.


“Look out!!”, McKay screamed. John managed to escape the coming white beam of the Dart.

“You don’t think they can actually cull a jumper?”, McKay said.


“I don’t know, Rodney and I don’t think I want to test it right now”, John said as he tried to reach the stargate (which was already surrounded by Darts).


“Seems like they know who we are, they seem to be after us”, Ronon said. John decided to give up his attempts to get to the stargate and suddenly turned around. He flew over the village in the direction of the nearby forest. Seven Darts were chasing them and they were catching up on them.


“Everybody, jump out at my sign!3….2…. now!!!” Everybody ran to the door and jumped out of the low flying jumper. Everyone except Rodney…

“Rodney! What the hell are you doing!!!” McKay stood at the door of the jumper and looked down.


“I don’t dare to, it’s too high! I’m a scientist, I don’t jump out of high flying vehicles!”

“You’re going to jump right now or you’ll end up being a dead scientist!!!”

“Why do these things always happen to me?” John saw a Dart coming closer to the jumper, culling beam straight ahead. Ronon yelled.


“McKay!!!Jump!!!!” But it was already too late and John had an answer to his question. Obviously, the Darts were able to cull jumpers… with McKay in it!


“Run for your lives!!!To the trees!’ They ran in the direction of the forest, hoping to find shelter there. Ronon ran first, followed by Teyla. John closed the row. Ronon and Teyla reached the forest…


John was almost there when he tripped over a stone and fell in a spiky bush. He tried to get up, and was blinded by the culling beam. Then it became dark…



24 hours later in Sheppard’s cell …



He had to be in a cell aboard a hive ship. One thing he knew: he was in big trouble. His limbs hurt and he had  scratches where the spikes of the bush had touched his bare skin. He only just sat up when he heard footsteps of leather boots come closer. He stood up and watched the cobweblike door of his cell.


Three Wraith stopped at his door. Two of them wore masks and were armed. The third wore black leather and seemed to be a Wraith with a higher rank, maybe a General if the Wraith had something like that.


“Is this the part where I’ve won a free trip to Hawai?”, John asked. He couldn’t hide all of his fear and his voice trembled a bit.


The General ignored his question and said. “The Queen wishes to see you, human”

“Well, I don’t know what people told you but I’m definitely not human, I’m the Easter Bunny”, John sighed as if he was really irritated about such a stupid mistake. Again they ignored him and he was pulled out of his cell. They dragged him through the corridor and threw him into a large room.


He heard them close the door after him. He tried to get up and looked around the throne room. He was surprised to see that there was some kind of alien darkblue ivy with large purple and pinkish flowers that surrounded parts of the organic walls.


The room was dark, with a high ceiling and the walls and floor seemed to have a blue/purple color. The ceiling wasn’t visible because of the plants that grew against it. In the walls between the ivy and the flowers there were crystals that gave a dimmed blue light.


John had to admit that it definitely looked a lot nicer then the basic throne rooms he had seen so far. The flowers even gave a sweet smell which compensated with the rotten smell of decay that was constantly hanging in the air of the hive ship.


“Do you like flowers, little human?”, a melodic voice sounded from the back of the room. You didn’t have to be smart to guess whose voice that was.


“Yeah, I like flowers, except the ones that eat you, that’s not very nice, is it?”, John said. He looked in the direction of the voice and immediately decided that this was one very peculiar queen. A queer queen.

Instead of sitting on the usual throne, the queen seemed to have found something more ‘fun’ (though there was a throne in the back of the room, covered in… purple and pink flowers).


The swing was attached to the ceiling and was just like everything else in the room, covered with blue ivy and purple and pinkish flowers. The queen herself was even more peculiar then her throne room. She had long turquoise wavy hair that ran all the way down her back, her eyes also were a bright turquoise with catlike pupils. Her eyelashes were long and also turquoise. The skin had a very pale blue color. She wore an elegant turquoise dress that revealed most of her long slim legs and it had a low neckline.

From all the queens he had seen, she was the first to wear lots of jewellery (even a tiara!) and make-up (her lips were a shiny light pink color and she wore silver eyeshade). She sat there, legs crossed and wrists around the with flowers covered strings of her swing, carefully watching him.


“Well… what a sincere pleasure it is to meet you… nice clothes”, Sheppard said.

“Thank you, my love, I must say I find your clothes rather boring, and filthy too”, she said with her melodic voice. The voice suited her. She stood up from her swing and slowly made her way towards him, she walked with elegant steps, not as if she was hovering, like other queens he had met. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the other queens mostly wore long dresses with skirts that hung on the floor.

He always wondered how any female, Wraith or Human, managed to walk in such manner with that kind of high-heeled shoes.


“Well, I think I may have rolled in the mud when I was being chased by Darts…”, Sheppard said, as if wanting to make clear that he didn’t like being chased by Darts, at all.


She smiled at him as she came closer. “I must apologize for the way you have been treated, but I’m afraid it was the only way to get you here”, she replied. It sounded like a bird that… no, a choir of birds that sung a sentence, instead of saying it.


John instinctively felt for his gun, only to realise that off course he didn’t have his gun with him. “Planning on shooting me? Trust me, you could have ten blasters with you and don’t even manage to get close to them. What would be far politer to do in a situation with a Queen… Could you kneel for me, my darling?”


He felt it, that painful presence in his head, forcing him to obey. He tried to resist, he tensed his entire body in an attempt to keep control over his own body. But after 5 seconds he already lost control and dropped on his knees.


“You really shouldn’t give yourself such a hard time, sweety. You cannot resist me, I am irresistible.” She giggled. John felt sick. She came even closer until she was right in front of him, or at least, what he could see of her in his kneeled position. He looked up defiantly, right in her eyes. They were so pretty… what the hell was he thinking!!! She was a Wraith, and Wraith eyes were NOT pretty! Or maybe just a little…


He smelled a sweet smell, not the flowersmell, and realised it was her perfume. It was a very sweet smell, like strawberries, like candy. It was a bit too sweet from this close and he felt again as if he was going to throw up any minute now. She studied his face and then started walking around him. He didn’t like the fact that she was behind him while he was kneeling and such an easy target. He felt threatened when she circled him that close.

Cold but soft fingers with long sharp silver nails caressed the sensible warm skin of his face. He swallowed, remembering why he didn’t like Wraith queens. They were always too close, they were always touching and they always acted overly sweet one second, and bitchy the next. He wondered if it would take a lot to let her bitchy side take over. He tried to keep an eye on her but she circled him too fast and his neck started to ache from the turning.


Plus, he looked like an idiot if he was constantly turning his head around. Off course he looked like an idiot anyway considering the fact that he was kneeling in front of a swing covered with flowers and wearing a muddy uniform.*shep,not the swing* So he gave up the looking around, feeling very uncomfortable. She appeared in front of him again and lowered herself until their eyes were at the same level.


“Let us play a little game… I will tell you my name, if you tell me your name first” He didn’t really see the ‘game’ in that but whatever.


“Well, I’m sorry, I just don’t tell everyone my name just like that.”, he even tried to sound very sorry. He sounded more like some ill man with a cough.


“Little change of the rules of the game… you tell me your name, and I don’t feed on you now”, she said sweetly, blinking her long turquoise eyelashes. The silver on her eyelids giving it a glittering effect.


“Well, if you’re gonna play it that way…. Bond. James Bond. Do I still get to hear your name?”, he said.


She laughed. Her teeth were as white as those he saw in the commercials of Theramed toothpaste.


“Not if you lie to me, sweet little human. Let us agree that everytime you lie to me, I take five years of your life.”


“Okay, that sounds… reasonable”, he said, his voice sounding hoarse.


“Well… what is your answer to my question?”


“I’m sorry, could you repeat, I always forget these kinds of questions.”


“You lied to me…”, she giggled. “Naughty human, I’m afraid I will have to punish you.”








“Incoming wormhole”, Chuck said *I think that was the name of that guy in the control room*


“ID?”, doctor Weir asked.


“It’s Colonel Sheppard’s Team”, he said.


“Lower the shield. Strange, they’ve returned early from their mission. Teyla told me that she expected to stay in the village for a couple of days. I’m hoping nothing has gone wrong”


She knew the times when nothing went wrong were extremely rare, especially in Colonel Sheppard’s Team. They always managed to get in the middle of a fight or something like that. Teyla and Ronon stepped through the wormhole and ran in the direction of the control room. Where were Rodney and John? Teyla was the first to rush in the control room.


“We had only just arrived when there was a culling, they got Mckay, Colonel Sheppard and the Jumper too. I and Ronon hid in a cave in the forest until the Darts were gone. Could you call Zelenka? The Hive could still be in the orbit around the planet …”, Teyla breathed.


“Doctor Zelenka, could you come to the control room right now?”


“Why does everyone always bother me when I’m busy!!! How do you expect me to do anything here to save some energy from our ZPM’s if you never stop calling me! By the way, couldn’t you just ask McKay? Cause he just loves to play the great genius!”, Zelenka started complaining.


“Doctor McKay has been taken by the Wraith, just like Colonel Sheppard and we would like you to check if the Hive might still be in the orbit around the planet they were on”

There followed a silence and then “O My God, I’m on my way!”.


Doctor Weir ordered Teyla and Ronon to sit down. Teyla sat down, looking anxious. Ronon couldn’t keep still and started walking around the room. Zelenka rushed in and immediately started typing on the control panels.


“Yes, one Hive still in orbit!”


“Is the Deadalus anywhere near?”, Weir asked hopefully.


“Negative, they won’t be in this galaxy until next week. You’ll have to organise a rescue mission yourself”


“All right,let’s leave”, Ronon said and started walking to the door.


“Ehm… don’t you think it would be better if we had some sort of plan?”, Teyla asked.


“This is the plan, we take a jumper, we fly to that Hive, we shoot all the Wraith we come across and we take Colonel Sheppard home!”


Teyla sighed. “That sounds like the best way to get yourself killed”






Shit shit shit!! This was no good… She traced his neck with her cold long fingers and stopped at his chest, tearing his shirt open.


“You know, my clothes aren’t looking any better when they’re torn apart, and they already were muddy.”


“Maybe your clothes don’t look nice but I’m sure you’ll taste very nice, my darling.” And she pressed her feeding hand against his bare chest. He tried not to cry out when that all too familiar pain rushed through his body.

Like hot burning arrows, like poisoned knives with no mercy. Even through all his suffering, he could hear her faster breathing and her moans of pleasure. The 20 seconds she fed on him felt like 20 centuries or more… 20 centuries of neverending agony.


He whimpered in pain as she pulled her hand back, her pale blue skin now covered in his red blood. He had aged with three years.

“Let me repeat the question for you… what is your name?”, her voice sounded sweeter then ever. It was only when he felt hot drips fall from his chin, he realised he was crying. No use in trying to hide it now, his face was wet from the tears.


“Go to hell, bitch”, he spat. At that she started laughing, as if it were some hilarious joke.


“But I am in hell already, little one…”, she whispered, her face came closer to his, forcing him to look into those pools of icy blue. “…your living hell.”






Eventually the plan they had sounded pretty much like Ronons plan. It just involved more man and an attack to distract the Wraith while the Team went to rescue their friend.


Doctor Beckett had agreed to go with them, despite the fact that he thought of their mission as suicide. John or Rodney might need a doctor after they’ve rescued them and someone had to stay in the jumper, to make sure they didn’t end up with a nasty surprise like their jumper being gone.


“Poor Rodney, the lad must be out of his mind by now.. I’m already out of my mind and I’m not even there yet…”, Carson said.


“Yeah, if he’s freaking out when he has to jump out of a jumper, he has probably had a heart attack already…”, Ronon agreed.


Speaking of Rodney McKay …




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