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191 capshuns from SGA 5x03 "Broken Ties".

Mostly Sheppy and Wraith. :DDD

Here, on my fanart lj. ;)

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622 screencaps from the new episode of Stargate Atlantis, made by myself (it took almost one day bwhahwhwhhahah) and uploaded on a webpage with thumbs.


Here on my fanart lj.

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I know you all miss him badly...
...so here are almost 200 Toddie caps from "Common Ground".

Looking forward to Stargate Atlantis Season 5!

Wraith Todd from "Common Ground" caps are here!

And here on my lj, all Wraith caps I made and upped so far. ;)))
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I *know* you were waiting for them. ;)))

Wraith hawtness in 4x20 "The Last Man" - Caps are here! ;)

ETA: One Michael FTW icon behind the cut (I couldn't help myself :ppp)
Credit if snagging. ;)

FTW! )
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Awwwwwwwwwwww !!! :DDD

*jumps joyfully all over her Hive Ship*

No spoiler here.

Go to the caps!!! :DDD
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Absolutely no spoiler here!!!

Follow the link for the caps!!!

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Because I promised [livejournal.com profile] degilwen, here are some caps of Bob. ;)

..:: 41 Bob caps ::..

...and because I love him, here are *all* my Steve ♥♥♥ caps. :D

..:: 139 Steve caps ::..

Follow the links and enjoy! ;)
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As I promised, it's Michael turn.
Over 100 caps (very very nice caps!!! :DDD) of Michael from 2x18 "Michael" (for now).

IrfanView messed up everything while renaming the files, so maybe the sequence is not totally perfect... but I made my best to fix it. ;)
Follow the link and enjoy! :DDD

Michael caps from 2x18
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Ok, here we go. :p

Caps of Todd from 4x11 "Be All My Sins Remember'd" (one of the best SGA eps *ever*, among other things).
I made a webpage with them, cuz they're 46 and even behind a lj cut maybe it would have been a little too much. ;)

So, follow the link and enjoy!!! \o/

(Damn beautiful here, definitely.)

The other caps are here.
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Hi everybody! :)

This is Rollina from Italy, fan of SG-1 and SGA, and above all fan of all Wraith!!!
I'm sooo glad I've found this community around here! ^^

Well, I've got a lot of Wraith stuff here, but let me start from the beginning...
Sure they're not the first ones you see, anyway I hope you enjoy those caps of Steve... as you all know, the cutest Wraith ever. :p

Won't everyone just love him? )

And here is a Wraith wallpaper I made a few days ago. ;)
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Hey everybody, as usual I've capped the Wraith scene from this week's episode (and there's a lot of caps).

You can also find a large(ish) picspam here at my journal.

This week there are two .zip files. The first is just the scenes of Sheppard and the Wraith, the second includes a few caps of the main cast; just some shots of Ronon, Teyla, Rodney (etc) that I liked.

SGA - 3x07 (563 caps, 50mb)
SGA - 3x07 - The Wraith & Sheppard (461 caps, 40mb)
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Has anyone gotten their hands on screen caps from Common Ground yet? I really would love a couple pictures of this guy... (I'm hearing both George and Alex... Maybe sheppard will name him himself later?)
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Hey everyone, I did some capping of Season One and I ended up with rather a lot of Wraith/James Lafazanos caps, so I'm sharing them here.

I've included a few caps of the foot soldiers, and some of Teyla as a Wraith, but 90% of these are of James.

All caps are from the DVDs and 1280 x 720, so... very big.

Samples (not dial-up friendly) )

SGA - The Wraith - 1x02 - Rising (320 Caps, 46mb)

SGA - The Wraith - 1x05 - Suspicion (164 Caps, 30mb)

SGA - The Wraith - 1x07 - Poisoning The Well (309 Caps, 47mb)

SGA - The Wraith - 1x12 - The Defiant One (432 Caps, 70mb)

SGA - The Wraith - 1x18 - The Gift (71 Caps, 10mb)

SGA - The Wraith - 1x19 - The Siege Part 1 (156 Caps, 24mb)

SGA - The Wraith - 1x20 - The Siege Part 2 (20 Caps, 3mb)

If you'd prefer to browse through a gallery rather than download the .zip files you can do so here at Atlantis Caps.


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