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 No, not really. Well, I have chapter 8 ready, but I need a new beta. My sister, [profile] amanounmei has an exam coming up and can't beta my fics for a while, most likely a very long while. Any volunteers? I need someone to focus on my spelling mistakes and grammar!

And also, since I have some personal things going on, including having to find a new apartment, I'll write even slower :/ But don't worry, Bond shall be concluded and followed by another fic of mine. *tries to sound as if someone cared* :P

Anyway! New beta plz, kthxbai!
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-_- One of you wonderfull people said you'd beta my stories for me, I think you even e-mailed me but I deleted it. Please raise your hand for me so I can send you the story, I appologize for being a moron.
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Well, hi, I'm AneEsel. I've never posted in a Community before. Um, well, since I've watched this one for a while I figured I would post.
I have a fanfic I'm writing, and I already have part 1 through 6. It's Steve/Original Character. I was wondering if anyone would mind editing them. Please? I don't have Word loaded on this computer yet (mainly cause its new and I'm lazy) so I don't have spell check or grammar check. I've posted the rough drafts on a Yahoo Atlantis slash group, so far a few people actually like the story, so I figured I post here. But I would like the story to sound good, and well written. Personally, I think I'm a terrible writer.
Anyway, any help would be very nice. ^.^


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