Dec. 10th, 2008 06:04 pm
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Todd's in it, enough said.

I felt sorry for him at the end, if you've seen it you'll understand why


Nov. 23rd, 2008 02:01 pm
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So what did you think of it?
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Can somebody help me? I'm watching "The lost tribe" right now, but i can't understand very well what Todd is saying between 5:45 and 6:25???
Plz tell me >_


Aug. 3rd, 2008 02:09 am
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I came up with what I think is a good idea for a wraith story.

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Hey semi lurker here but couldn't resist sharing. I was looking for baby names and indulged my wraith facination. Apparently the name Todd means clever or wily. Steven means royal or aristocratic. Bob means bright or flaming...just wondered if anyone thought there might be more to Sheppard's naming?  :>
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I was checking my email today, for signs of my Wacom tablet delivery (they send me emails for each part of the delivery, nice people) when I found this email:

The email it was sent from was deleted - I tried to reply to no avail. However, this made me laugh so damn much, I thought I'd share.
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Absolutely no spoiler here!!!

Follow the link for the caps!!!

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and I can't calm down. Mybe you can help me by some comeforting facts. Some weeks ago i have read description of the episodes of the 4th season. I noticed, that there are no Wraith after 4.12. What will happen to them? Will they die in a battle with replicators, like Goa'ulds? Or they will be killed by humans?
And if they survive, then why they aren't described after 4.12??
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Hello all,

There is a wraith in the episode reunion. You can watch it on you tube.

If the link does not work then please fill in reunion stargate atlantis on the you tube site itself.

The wraith appears in part 4

I hate those replicators by the way



Jun. 18th, 2007 10:54 am
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Anyone else rather displeased with Michael's new turn? Like Shepard was saying it's just a little too Doctor Evil. I was always hoping they would find a way to make him a more reoccurring character but with all those pesky little deaths on his hands it looks like there is no way out for his character. (Did it seem to anyone else that Conner was phoning it in?? Maybe he's not too happy about it either) It was like they had to make him that evil to have an excuse to go after him?? I mean, what the hell. I also considered that they were leading up to him killing Weir to make room for Sam. Anyone hear anything?

Also if anyone knows where there is more Michael fan-fic, I would love to read it. It's good to know I'm not the only one with a Wraith er, um attraction. Come on, alien life-force sucking vampires!! Ya gotta love em!
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It just hit me that if there's a song out there that's Wraith pov, it's Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton. It's from the Thing a Week Collection.

Listen to it HERE

Lyrics )
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Does anyone know where I can find an immage of the humanized Wraith Lathan?
I've been looking but cannot seem to find one anywhere.
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Spoilers for Common Ground )

Much apologies and groveling, I fixed it.
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Squeeeee!!! I think the wraith in common ground is cute! :D I made the caps thanks to someone in stargate eps recording the ad from sci-fi.

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This is a from a post from the Condemned discussion post on GateWorld:

>>A being, if it possesses a mind, is capable of being different from the rest of its kind. Humans, as a whole, are decent people, but there are many out there such as terrorists and murderers that are quite different. Basically, you can't judge a race by its majority. And I realize that the Wraith's instinct is to feed on humans, and keep in mind that this one we saw here is no goody tooshoes himself. He threatened the man and demanded more food. Just because he did it in a different manner does not mean he will ever raise puppies and run off naked into the night with Teyla.<<

Shawn running off naked into the night with Teyla? I challenge someone to write that fic.

Actually, I challenge someone to write any fic featuring Shawn as I haven't come across any fics featuring him on Wraith Steve.

As for the raising puppies part, hmmmm, I wonder what kind of animal a Wraith would raise if the Wraith raised animals? Would humans count seeing as for the most part the wraith consider humans to be animals, do they raise the human worshippers from children stolen during cullings or are the wraith worshippers born on the hiveship to wraith worshipper parerts?

And what purpose to the Wraith worshippers serve on hive ships? We only saw female worshippers in The Hive episode, perhaps they're there to satifsy any 'urges' the male wraith have due to the (apparent) lack of female wraith.

Maybe the wraith keep the iratus bug for pets? They may not really have any interest in creatures they cannot feed upon (or can they feed on animals and just consider it beneath them to do so? As Beckett stated Steve didn't die due to malnourishment, maybe a wraith has to be really hungry to consider draining an animal).
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I am writing a wraith fic. In my viewing I am up to series 2, episode 11. It occurs to me that there are many holes in wraith canon, and probably even more holes in my own knowledge thereof. So I would be very interested in anything you have to say about the wraith. I append some questions but feel free to come in with your own 38 cents. Canon, fanon, and your own wild speculations: I'd love to hear all of it.

questions about the wraith and SPOILERS to everything up to 2.11 ) Thank you! :-)


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